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Not convinced about the need for all this 'Social Media?'

If you are one of those people who sit around bagging me for the amount of times I check my iPhone or sit logged in at my computer checking my updates, watching videos, sending tweets, taking videos and posting them to Vimeo and YouTube and still don’t quite understand why or what makes it tick then you need to sit back and understand a few things.

Let’s start with this really cool video.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

200 billion of the 247 billion emails sent last year were spam? WTF? Apart from that you get the general idea when the map data shows up about Social networks in Australia. Did you catch that bit? Go back and watch it again – it’s about 3:40 on the timeline and shows Social Networks by country. Now not completely sure how data accurate that is but we (Australia) show up as 100% saturated in Facebook.

I am not the only one! Get the hell off my back!

And just for experiments sake I have been fasting from Facebook for a full week now. It started with Feb Fast where I abstained from drinking alcohol for the month of February and decided to continue that into March and for the next wee while, as I feel pretty good for it, and I got to thinking, am I really spending too much time on Facebook? Do I really get that much value out of it?

And shockingly the answer was – wait for it – no. There are moments of pure gold when my really clever and interesting friends share really clever and interesting things, but mostly it is filled with mind numbingly stupid comments about waking up, sleeping, eating, vapid thoughts and loose gay men sleazing all over each other. That comment colours the gay community one way but I’m sorry and feel the need to apologise and simultaneously condemn them/us. Gay men seem to turn every Social Network I have trialled into a chat room or pickup joint quicker than you can say can Alakazaar Boob Job Nipple Twister. So I have given it up for now. I can do without it. I am blogging more, that is for sure…

Anyway, I digress. Check out some of those stats on the above video. Facebook alone serves up some 260 billion page views per month.

The blog you are reading right now is one of 126 million. That’s impressive.

YouTube alone serves up 1 billion videos a day!

Ahh fail whale, how I love thee

Ahh fail whale, how I love thee

I personally love a picture – you know the adage – one picture tells a thousand stories. Well check out this very clever infographic from the guys over at Mashable that tells the state of the internet in 2009.

Then consider this one that dishes up the goods on Twitter perceptions of Google Buzz.

Very clever those guys at Mashable are, so what about you – still trying to tell me you still don’t get the need for all of this Social Media stuff? My mum is 78 and even she get’s it.

What is wrong with YOU?

Twitter training – Final assignment

The final assignment has amazingly turned out quite similar to how I planned it.

I am really quite  happy with most elements although some parts are still quite clunky and I did envisage the Quizz page quite differently on the outset.

I would like to have been able to master the Card Flip memory game but alas the programming skill eluded me along with the tight timeframe for submission.

However, working with the lecturer quite closely I am really satisfied that I got to include a narrative via the cheeky Tweety bird, I only hope that it is an intuitive process to users to click the bird.

I would like to have had much more time to continue to develop the visual look as well as a soundtrack that could really help give the package a sense of pace.

I am quite happy with the hand icon and how that worked in the final.

All said and done, not a bad effort in a short time, definitely room for improvement and Flash just seems that little bit more doable to me now that I can comfortably say I know actionscript.

One thing that may seem weird is that as soon as you open this page the first audio will start and you may miss what is said. Feel free to hit the back button if you really want to hear it, but it is simply a Welcome message.

Dont forget to click Tweety bird!

Twitter lists and Communication Evolution

Twitter-bird-001I made my first Twitter lists last week. I thought it was a cool idea and added a lot of value for me being able to sort my tweeps by category – I thought it would simply help me cut through the swathe of noise that I otherwise see in the Twitterstream of consciousness.

But this morning as I was thinking about how much extra value I have been getting out of Twitter and the value I have found in Twitter lists I read this intersting post from Laurel Papworth about her experience (all positive) who also pointed me on to this blog post from Chris Brogan who pointed out how I might be making people feel left out by not including them and all of a sudden my value added lists are starting to sound like a bad thing!

It is all so confusing. I don’t want to make anyone feel left out.  Are my lists really doing anyone damage?

This lead me back to my trusted blog advisor Skelliewag who always has something intelligent to say when I need help to keep my blog and twitter exprience positive. As usual her post points out all I need to know and that is I have the Desire to keep writing and this keeps me going.

But back to my lists and Twitter adding value. I think we look at it too closely and pay too much attention to the minutia. Twitterverse should be taken with a pinch of salt. It isnt too serious and it should be Fun. Yes, note the capital F in Fun. I know it adds value when I lose hours daily dissappearing deep into the fold as links here there and everywhere take me off on journeys into the ether.

I feel that Twitter lists leaving people out making them feel isolated is going too far. Perhaps if you are a member of the Twitterati or a highly influential social media maven then I could understand but even @Zaibatsu knows how to have a bit of fun with his tweets now and then, and apart from the evolution of Twitter from answering the most basic question – what are you doing right now? – into this amazing channel stream of news sharing and story breaking we should all just lighten up a little bit and use it for what it is.

A communication tool that utilises 140 characters to express thoughts, ideas, opinions, links, pics and videos etc that have a moment in the spotlight, then just bumble on harmlessly down the stream.

Assignment 3 – Interactive Twitter Training package

Latest assignment is due in tomorrow night. Twitter-training-Main-Menu

This assignment is to create a Letter of Agreement between my creative company, Rocketdog Productions, and the client which includes flow charts,  needs analysis, functional scope and screen grabs of mock ups all relating to the final project for the year which is to implement the full instructional interactive  package using Adobe Flash.

The brief was quite a lot better this time with more in depth detail about what is required, the worry about that is making sure all bases are covered in my instructional package.

Create an interactive instructional packaged  based on a freeware or shareware program your company is intending to install.

Must include four modules. 1. Background. 2. How to. 3. Operation of the program. 4. Glossary.

Must include audio or voice over.

Delivered using Adobe Flash.

Twitter-training-Quizz-PageHere are my first mock ups. I intend to create a short simple interactive and fun fast paced package that show you the basics to communicating effectively using Twitter.