Three reasons to use Pinterest – Followers, Repins and Referral Links

Here is my analaysis of why Pinterest is most important for brands and bloggers right now. It’s pretty quick and simple – Followers, rePins and Referral Links.

This relatively new social network is turning into the number one site for creating referral links, and those links are social media gold. It’s even outdoing Twitter for referral links which is pretty huge so you should get started now if you want to drive traffic to your site, brand or blog.

Pins and Repins


Pinterest users are finding and sharing pictures and links to brands, bloggers and websites all around the world every minute of the day, and every Pin has the potential to send those consumers to your digital assets, blogs, product pages etc and what you do for the conversion from there is up to you.

It’s important to make sure your Pins have got the right URLs built into each Pin and you can edit each one if you forget to include one. Pinning can be a photo you upload, a link you embed (as long as it pulls in images) and something you rePin.

That is what’s taking Pinterest to dizzying heights – these referral links. Referral links drive traffic.¬†And referral links can easily lead to conversions.

rePins is the ultimate in exposure because each persons network is exponential to yours. You may have just been rePinned by one of the early adopters who has thousands of followers putting your beautifully displayed pin boards right in front of those viewers. It’s quite simply one-to-many. So create upload or embed awesome looking Pins that grabs attention and screams to be rePinned.

You want to start Following folk.

Following like minded people who are interested in your content is the second critical part of increasing your network. It might take some time but is very easy to get started. Browse by using the main navigation, click the drop down menu under Everything and flick through some galleries.

You’ll quickly see the potential.

Get following, and watch those people follow you back and your network grows organically after a while.

Referral links

Boards are fairly unique in Pinterest in that you can create your own themes or categories and just Pin relevant content to each Board. I like looking at them as album covers, each album cover has it’s own genre of content associated to it.

I’ve started to find a very niche audience hiding inside of Pinterest. Those interested in cars, motorcycles and specifically the brand Ducati.

Brands should be in Pinterest right now building beautiful flick galleries and Pinning them by category because I’ve seen a leap in referral links to my blog by simply adding better Pins to my blog and making sure that each Pin is stuck to the Ducatiblog board, is edited with a link to a specific post.

It’s working and I simply started following people interested in the same thing. It’s to early to talk numbers but the referrals are there and traffic is on the increase via referral links.

I’ve been slow to get going on Pinterest while I worked out what I wanted out of it, but now I understand how it can drive traffic and increase engagement with my blog, I’m all for it and Pinning cool stuff every day. It’s driving referral links and a brand new audience to my blog!

Snap a photo on your mobile and upload it, then edit the Pin and connect it to your brand or blog now. Repin stuff from the web, include the Digg Digg floating share bar which makes Pinning super easy, and follow you people find interesting. Pretty simple. Get Pinning.

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