New App Store for Mac launched today

Today Apple launched the new App store for Mac and I think (without claiming to have tried it yet) that this is going to be huge. Must say I am a wee bit too excited about this! Can I go home now so I can upgrade and check it out?

Image of the Mac App Store courtesy Apple.comI love the existing App stores and I am a sucker for a new game, new gizmo, new gadget widget or whatever improves my life and my ability to do stuff, so logically they are moving this platform across to the Mac desktop and laptops for the final step in global domination.

I did a quick download (well not that quick) of the new software and was surprised first up to see that the App Store is a new App so to speak, so it sits as a big arsed A in your dock just like every other App, when I was expecting to see it in the iTunes store just like iPhone and iPad. But do I care? Not really.

Just give me Angry Birds on my MacBookPro and give it to me now.  But this flew around the web pretty quick. Apparently ROVIO made a motza of the code and had to release a hack to get it to work right.

So this is pretty cool right, sure, yep, but it is hardly revolutionary which Apple would have you believe. But it sure is convenient, you can snack all you want at a pretty reasonable price and that will surely have mass appeal I am predicting.

The web hasn’t exactly lit up with reviews or news of the App store yet, I guess everyone is covering CES, but I for one will be watching and using it heavily no doubt over the coming weeks and am eager to see if this new move signifies a big change in the software business model. Loads of potential, and if anyone can pull it off right, it surely must be the guys at Cupertino right?

Time will tell digerati friends.

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PS – oh yeah, this is my oath to participate in the WordPress Post Every Day challenge – except I think with my commitments to other things I will be doing the post-a-week version and seeing how I get on.

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